Dedicated to Max Adler who plays Dave Karofsky on Glee.

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KURT: You’re sitting in a fantastic office. You’re some kind of successful professional. A lawyer, maybe.
DAVE: Can I be a sports agent?
KURT: Sure. You’re a big sports agent living in the city of your dreams because you left Lima and never looked back. You’re handsome partner comes to visit you in your office and brings along your son. You’re taking the rest of the day off work because you’re taking your son to his first football game. You lean over to your partner and you say..

❝As far as what they say, it is sad and tragic that people out there don’t think that Karofsky can change. And there are those really awful Tweets or messages where they really want Karofksy to kill himself or harm himself just so Kurt and Blaine can be together. It’s really sad, and it imitates life, where people are rooting for someone to harm themselves to protect their own beliefs.❞
(—— Max Adler in this amazing interview (via dapper-max))